Confusion arises when there is a lack of clarity, unity and shared focus, making your work in the ministry significantly harder. Conquering Confusion through Organization is designed to shows leaders and volunteers how they can work together to:

  • Craft a culture of excellence, consistency and fun that is shared by everyone on the team (and weeds out those who are not a good fit)
  • Establish clear expectations that reduce the need for those hard discussions
  • Relieve the burden of any one team member having to "do it all" because they're the only one that knows what to do
  • Generate a tighter bond between team members as we walk and serve at THC as a family

Whether you are a team members or the leader of a ministry, these lessons will certainly enhance the way you function at THC and even in your personal and professional lives!

This course was recorded in a live session as part of the Pastor Ray's One Night of Leadership event in January 2019.

Now that you know what you're getting yourself into, let's get started!